Arcanum Consulting, Inc. Sets Sights on Cancun R&R Trip

Top Arcanum Consulting, Inc. producers will soon be traveling to Cancun for a rest and relaxation retreat. Team members discussed their excitement, while Mitchell, the firm's President, discussed the benefits of business travel.

​​One of the guiding principles of Arcanum Consulting, Inc.’s culture is recognition. Brand ambassadors know that when they work hard, they will see big results. Often, these benefits will come in the form of personal and professional growth along with advancement in the company, but another exciting perk is the firm’s comprehensive travel program. This month select team members will be flying to Cancun for the company’s largest retreat to date. It will include national and international industry leaders, along with those team members who earned their spots.

Emily, one of the firm’s administrators, stated, “I am really looking forward to the team bonding and getting to know one another on a more personal level. We are super excited to meet with our peers and put names to faces. We work extremely closely with other offices and it is important that we can build strong in-person relationships. Also, we are looking forward to relaxing with our toes in the warm sand, a drink in one hand and tacos in the other!”

Benefits of Arcanum Consulting, Inc.’s Commitment to Travel Opportunities

Recognition, team building, and networking are just a few of the many reasons that Mitchell is so enthusiastic about the Arcanum Consulting, Inc. travel program. Another is simply that trips are fun, especially international ones that end at a luxury resort! In fact, this is the first trip outside the country for some team members, and Mitchell is proud that his company is able to provide this unique chance to his hard-working crew. 

The chance to expand his associates’ horizons creates more than just good feelings too. When people think bigger, they dream bigger – and helping his team members expand their visions for the future is what Mitchell is all about. When people have big, hairy, audacious goals, they don’t need to be motivated: they simply need the tools to succeed, and the room to grow. Arcanum Consulting, Inc. provides both through a thorough training program and career paths attached to each entry-level position that show new hires how to move through the organization to any position they choose.

Cancun is sure to be a trip to remember, and plans are already being made to make sure even more team members qualify for this retreat in the future. In the meantime, Mitchell, Emily, and the other attendees are (im)patiently waiting for their weekend in a tropical paradise.

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