Arcanum Consulting, Inc.'s Accolade for Workplace Excellence

The President of Arcanum Consulting, Inc. announced that the firm received a prestigious award for its dynamic office culture. He also explained how team-building activities contribute to the overall company atmosphere.

"Arcanum Consulting, Inc. is Fair Business Report Verified 2018!" said Mitchell, the firm's President. "This recognition is quite an honor. It comes in response to our vibrant workplace environment. The Fair Business Report (FBR) bestows the Top Places to Work badge on businesses that receive at least 10 favorable reviews on the FBR website for the year."

According to Mitchell, the badge affirms a company's adherence to core values as well as the professional development opportunities available to its people. Charitable work is considered too. These are concepts Team Arcanum Consulting, Inc. embraces daily. Members act with professionalism and integrity. They learn and grow consistently. They also give back to the community on a regular basis.

"Arcanum Consulting, Inc. is Fair Business Report Verified 2018!"

Mitchell, President

"Other criteria are factored into the FBR award as well," stated Mitchell. "Team outings, coaching, and fair advancement are indicators of healthy office culture. They just happen to play huge roles in keeping our people productive and happy! Our newest hires are paired with experienced managers, for instance. These leaders give the colleagues support and direction every step of the way. What's more, our promotions rely on individual merit. We're clear about what team members must do to move forward, so they can take their careers in their own hands. All these qualities make our firm a great place to work!"

President of Arcanum Consulting, Inc. Describes Team-Building Philosophy

Mitchell also highlighted the Arcanum Consulting, Inc. approach to team building as a source of the FBR recognition. People throughout the organization bond on both professional and personal levels. They attend conferences and trainings together, and the shared experience of gaining valuable knowledge strengthens their relationships. Not only do they learn more, they can better collaborate with one another as a result.

"Our group outings are perhaps the biggest sources of excitement throughout our team," Mitchell concluded. "Sometimes we have opportunities to attend big events like exotic retreats and national industry gatherings. More frequently, we organize activities like team dinners and bowling nights. No matter where we go, we always have fun. By shedding our professional duties for a while, we can kick back and simply enjoy each other's company. We bond as friends, learning about one another's talents and interests. The enhanced insights and camaraderie make a big impact on our success."

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