Arcanum Consulting, Inc. Leaders Network at Conference

Top performing Arcanum Consulting, Inc. team members will meet with industry leaders from across the country for a three-day networking and leadership event. The firm's President discussed the benefits of business travel.

“Travel is not something that all companies offer, so our travel program is an important differentiator for us,” stated Mitchell, President of Arcanum Consulting, Inc. “We offer several opportunities for our team members to qualify for business trips throughout the year. These may include regional training seminars, weekend conferences, and even luxury retreats. Whatever the destination, our trips always provide well-deserved relaxation along with chances to grow both personally and professionally.”

The next Arcanum Consulting, Inc. qualifier will take the firm’s highest achievers and send them to Newport Beach, California. There, they will spend three days with industry leaders from across North America, networking and sharing best practices. There will also be seminars where professionals will gain hands-on training in the latest techniques being used in our field, and of course some beach time as well. 

"Travel is not something that all companies offer, so our travel program is an important differentiator for us."

Mitchell, President

“This is a very exclusive event; a trip only for those who have demonstrated their commitment to growth and leadership skills,” Mitchell shared. “Our team thrives on friendly competition, and the energy around the office is electric right now. We emphasize the importance of building a professional network to our people from the day they join Arcanum Consulting, Inc., so everyone understands just how valuable this conference is. It’s certain to help those who qualify move on to the next level of their career journeys.”

How Travel Supports Arcanum Consulting, Inc.’s Success

Networking and training are obvious and traditional benefits to trips like the Newport Beach event, but Mitchell points out that there are other ways that business travel benefits the firm. For example, when Arcanum Consulting, Inc. executives attend a conference, they do more than pay attention. They send content back to the team via live feeds and blogs. Tweets provide quick and easy updates as well, and conference hashtags help organize the information being shared. Not only does this make the whole organization feel like they’re a part of the action, but it gives them content to share with consumers and the brands the firm represents.

“Speaking of sharing, that’s another reason that business travel is such a wise investment in our company’s future,” Mitchell stated. “When people come back from a trip where information was received, they present it to everyone else on the team. This way we all gain from the knowledge. An added bonus to this requirement is that people learn more when they know they will have to teach what they’re learning to others; they take better notes and retain more of the interesting points.”

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